Dec. 20th, 2016

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It has been months since I posted and I have missed the 15th anniversary of
my livejournal. I had almost, but not quite fully, forgotten about this

There is a sudden and doubtless brief resurgence of interest in LJ as we a
result of Livejournal Lives. A lot of old faces appear, and one or two of
them are now very old! The Livejournal I remember best is probably the
livejournal of the early 2000s, which is now a long time ago. Before
smartphones and the ease of posting photos. Back then you could of course
post photos, but it was hassle you had limits to how many you could upload
and often had to much around with html to actually put them on a webpage.
So the internet was far more text oriented. And more long form.

It feels strange to see so many faces that are not quite familiar, but
neither are they unknown. A huge crowd of people that I used to know some
aspect of their lives, often via other people's journals or comments. A lot
of them now seem to have their far share of wrinkles, grey hair and kids. A
bit like me I suppose.

I am not really sure if returning to LJ is not a bit like a old bloke going
back to the park he used to play at when he was 7. I cannot really be the
me I was back in 2003, and that is both a good and a bad thing.

Part of the reason I no longer really post is that I blocked from posting,
but in all honest that could be evaded if I choose to. Mostly I just don't
think I would get that much out of posting here every day or every week
anymore. I am not totally sure if this will even post.

Merry Christmas to all you Livejournallers!


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