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There was quite an interesting article on the BBC website about the decline of the nightclub.

They certainly seem to be less a feature of the landscape. I used to go quite a lot and feel I have probably aged out of them, but they do seem very old fashioned. I am still somewhat surprised by the cost of alcohol when I visit a pub. And the idea of paying simply to be allowed inside a room playing loud music is quite odd. Plus a lot of the "super-dj"'s have got old. I am not sure if big DJs are even a thing anymore. The idea is a bit odd really, as basically they are just putting a load of other peoples music together rather than performing in a more normal way. I am never really sure much would be lost compared to a recording. But I never quite get it when people sit on a train or bus listening to loud(often ear damagingly loud) dance music, it seems like it is something to dance to rather than sit and listen.

I guess young people today have more things to do, there are a raft of pubs with late night opening and a hell of a lot more restaurants than there were 20 years ago. There also seem to be events and pop-up places. In my youth I always felt like a day club would be an interesting idea. The concept of living a nightclub when it was getting dark always blew a big hole in the weekend. You ended up waiting for something to happen on Saturday and then needing all of Sunday to recover or sleep. Then you would be exhausted on Monday.
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