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May. 16th, 2014 08:54 am
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New look lj?
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LJ doesn't seem keen to let me post anymore. Anyway...

Been busy as I had a week off work last week. We did a lot of stuff really, firstly we visited my mum in very Sunny Bristol. Whilst there we mostly did the visiting of various Gromits dotted around the city...

Mrs RS did a write up on her blog with photos and all sorts...
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Fire drill in the rain?

Why not!
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This journal is 12 years old today.


Aug. 6th, 2013 03:06 pm
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We have been married for four years on last Thursday which meant it was our birthday.

We celebrated with a babysitter and a trip into town. We had a drink in a cocktail place which was nice and a meal in Thai place which was ok. I am not sure I would rush back anytime soon. But it was nice to get out. Daniel was good too.
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I never wrote much up about Butlins or photos.

Laura has some nice photos here though.

I am a bit unsure about the heatwave. We spend most of the time moaning about cold or rain or wind. So it seems a shame to complain about hot weather. I am sure we will miss it when it is gone.

On Saturday we went to the Forbury Fair. It was a bit small really.

On Sunday we went to Morrison for food shopping and then we had a bbq in the evening.
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We watched Skins:Fire last night, the final series of Skins.

It felt a bit disappointing, maybe because it featured Effy a character who seemed quite dull as she doesn't say a lot or think deeply. It seems that men are just supposed to fall for her beauty. For some reason she was working in a hedge fund and doing things that people in hedge funds don't really do. I guess perhaps it is building to a big second part.
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I see livejournal has redesigned its homepage. It basically looks shit. About a third of the screen tells me who has visited my journal, any events(ie birthdays, but this information is incorrect) and who has looked at my journal(presumably not via their friend's page). I then have about four screen's worth devoted to the top journals, top posts and top communities. I am not sure how top is exactly defined but it seems to be some sort of popularity contest. The font on the top post bit is huge and it is dominated by celebrity crap.

I guess LJ know their market and seem keen to have a site based on around a smaller number of huge communities. I just wonder if it serves me so well, a lot of the communities I used to follow are totally moribund([ profile] livejournal_uk a source of many of my friends has not been posted to since April). I thought [ profile] thequestionclub is quite busy with 40ish posts a day, but in 2009 it was getting maybe 200 a day.

Laura spent a bit of time on Saturday changing the look of her blog(we also got the domain Even though Blogger is supposed to be a poor option it does offer much better customisation than livejournal.

I quite fancy starting up a blog somewhere, just not really sure of niche. I have had a non-ficiton book blog in the past but most people will just read the review on Amazon. I wonder what the long term future of livejournal is(and feel that dreamwidth is not such a good backup as the interface is even worse). I quite like the fact I have nearly 12 years worth of posts here, but then if I had started last week I would probably have left a long time ago.

[Poll #1921899]
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She may be smiling now, but I am thinking this might not end well...
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I ought to pimp Laura blog. For those of you who are into cooking.

The link is

Should give the Googlebot something to look over!
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We watched this program about online dating last night, filmed in a restaurant where everyone was on a first date. It is quite interesting how awkward everyone was.

My personal favourite was the guy whose conversation seemed to go

Poo -> Fingering -> Street blowjob(a new phrase for me)

He managed to get the word cunt in just before pudding although I suspect he had already blown it(or not) quite a long time back.

It seemed most of the guys really struggled to present a confident vibe without appearing stupidly arrogant. The only one that really did alright was just a lot better looking than the girl, so even though he only talked about himself I think she was happy. They left together – perhaps in pursuit of a street blowjob.
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In general I feel I am above making fun of random people's poor dress sense. There are probably some bad photos of me out there.

On the other hand I am slightly wondering what this girl was thinking....

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Cheers dad hope I have behaved in a way that would still make you proud.
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It gets quieter and quieter on here these days.

I watched a bit of the new Big Brother last night. I remember the days when it was the biggest thing on television and seemed to get bigger every year. Now it seems to be a far quieter even, not much audience noise or twitter comments. The BBC websites only briefly mentions a police officer is going in and the police force is not happy.

The contestants seem to be the usual mixture of wannabe models and dickheads. The twist is that one of the contestants is a mole, but for years Big Brother has been changing the rules around and manipulating contestants. The result is everyone has a get famous gameplan and believes that at any time anyone is on a secret mission.

I cannot see it getting much coverage. If nothing else it is owned by the owner of the Express newspaper(I think). The rest of the media will not wish to help out a rival with free publicity.
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They are planning to do a bit of development on some wasteland not far from our house. I went to the public exhibtion last night to take a look. It was sort of interesting, there were plans before the credit crunch for 500+ homes, mostly 8 storey flats. The new development is a mixture of houses and flats and a total of about 210 homes. It looks more balanced although there was not a lot of information around parking. There were a few nice ideas such as linking a foot/cycle path in and expanding a children's park. It will be interesting to see if it happens, there has been a real slowdown in development since the credit crunch.


May. 10th, 2013 09:39 am
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On Sunday we went to the park to meet Rob, Suzy, Ewan and Kurt from our NCT group. They are probably the only people I still have contact with. I guess we are drifting apart and perhaps never had too much in common with one another anyway.

They are moving house soon, we are not really sure exactly why and neither are they. They seemed to have decided that they needed to move to be closer to her job. But they can't get childcare in the new place and so she is going to not go to work. I was a bit puzzled as they like their current house.


We seemed to spend quite a bit of time mucking around in the sandpit.
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Today is Margaret Thatcher funeral.

I find it slightly weird that there is live coverage on the BBC website. I can see if you knew here or her family then you would want to go. But televising funerals just seems odd. It is about sharing in the misery? Funerals are generally pretty difficult affairs.

I guess it is a way of filling the hours.
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Loving the new Livejournal Profile Page.


The total under friends of should be 3. And Cfriends is not a word.
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The observant among you will have noticed I have changed my user icon. I was sick and tired of that mysterious, shadowly black and white one.

Aren't I a handsome one?
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Laura has an MRI scan today. Hope all will be good.


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