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Our work Christmas parties are always a bit tricky as...well I am not sure anyone is really that interested. We have a pretty small team and most of us simply want to go home early. We ended up with two in the end. The first was not so much a Christmas party as a reward and recognition meal. This involved me getting dragged along to a meal with a bunch of pretty senior people. We had a guided tour of the Tower of London which was cool, although it didn't start until quite close to closing time. After that we went for a meal. It was actually quite a bit better than it could have been, I seemed to be sat next to people I was able to talk too. Getting from East London to Reading was a bit of a pain though and it was too late when I got home, and it was on a Monday night. I guess you are old when your idea of a good Christmas party is one in which you are home quite early.

The second meal was a bit more low key I suppose and it was all done by 4pm. So it was lunch really rather than a party in any sense of the word. For some reason we had considered dozens of options. It had the feel of a place that was very much the cheapest we could find in the area. The portions were huge, I was already full up by the starter. But the taste was rather plan. Rather sadly I found out that someone I work with will no longer have a job. I feel for her as she has been in the company for 15 years at least, and has won various awards. It felt a bit weird that everyone seemed more concerned by what would happen next, rather than how she was feeling. But work is often quite a cold place. I did email her to thank her for her hard work and friendship. She seemed appreciative which is nice.

Rebecca has taken her first tentative steps. She can stand pretty well, and she can do one or two steps before launching herself as you. She seems to be very pleased with herself and is starting to develop a few more sounds that might be words. I think we are on the cusp of the toddler age, and will she will not be a baby for all that much longer.

It has not really felt all the Christmassy this year. Probably the lack of it actually being cold is part of it. I cannot say I love winter, so it is welcome and yet rather odd. Still we did the Clieveden christmas trail at the weekend, which got us out in the lovely warm air. It is a big National Trust place, and there always seems to be something new. The big surprise this time was a chapel which was closed before and had loads of interesting art inside. We also saw the Winter Giant which was a huge puppet that was marched down the streets of Reading. It was nice really as Reading often appears to be one of the least cultural towns in the planet.

The weekend before Christmas


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