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I am clearly a long way behind the curve when it comes to adblockers. This may explain why I am still stuck on this website, which was basically aimed at slightly awkward and introverted 14-23 year old girls living in the early naughties.It seems that a lot of people are using them and so never see adverts. Whereas for me they are everywhere on the internet.

I am not sure that anyone admits to clicking on them, it seems everyone feels adverts do not influence them. But the global advertising industry is huge, so either the whole thing is just absolute bullshit. Or people are more influenced by adverts than they admit. Right now John Lewis is trying to sell me a couple Kenwood chef attachment - icecream maker and a grater - and three sofas that don't look hugely different to the ones I bought a couple of months ago. Frankly I have nowhere to store anymore vary similiar sofas and it just seems too soon to upgrade. I suspect it is about normalisation the idea of consumption of something. Do I really need an icecream maker? Or if they cost thousands would I lament the fact one could not be acquired for just £25? Probably not, but just knowing they are out there and not really all that expensive means I may acquire one. I don't feel confident in stating I would never buy one, and I suspect the more I see them the more I might think getting one is a good idea.

I guess I am probably doomed to see more of these things as everyone else is blocking them. It seems a little bit unfair that you should block adverts. I mean no-one wants to pay for any intellectual content on the web, so adverts are all there for creators. And yet people seem to find the adverts are too much of an imposition. Presumably the big players - who are basically Facebook and Google have ways around this.
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