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Bristol City signed David James today. For those not in the know Bristol City play in the second tier of English football and David James is the current international goal keeper. Bristol City are an ambitious club, but he is probably the biggest ever player to sign for us. We have probably the best manager in the league and now we have a really big signing. I wonder if this might be the season we make a really big push for promotion. I am surprised that David James is moving to a smaller club, it seems he likes the clubs ambition and his family live close by. But he turned down a Celtic who are a really large club.
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I haven't really seen much of the world cup. There seem to be a lack of good games and a real shortage of goals too. I am not sure about that weird horn noise that people seem to moan about. I suppose it is just part of South African culture, but it is not especially tuneful.
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So we are at the start of the world cup. I missed the first game and was rather bored by the second one and ended up changing the channel. France looked pretty poor and I found the game lacked atmosphere. Apart from those weird horn noises there didn't seem to be a lot of cheering from rival supporters, probably because almost all of the tickets are sold to corporate people who don't care, a few to locals and only a very small number of tickets are sold to genuine travelling fans.

Things must burst into life later in the tournament. Maybe. I can't see England doing that well, but you never know. And there is a real chance for Wayne Rooney to really step up and show that he is a really world class player that belongs on the same stage as Kaka and Ronaldo.


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